Dear friends, dear colleagues , dear midwives,

The 24th of February 2022, war has struck Ukraine, we were petrified. A humanitarian tragedy is unfolding .

We are so grateful that countries along the borders of Ukraine have opened their borders to protect and comfort the thousands fleeing their homes. Citizens from countries further away from the conflict zone are getting ready to help. Behind these numbers, there is huge suffering, fear, shattered dreams, separated families and desperate farewells. Women and children are often the first victims in armed conflict. Ukrainian mothers are now giving birth in shelters and metro stations during air raids.

EMA hopes that the rights of civilians will be respected at all times. That Peace will  push back the brute force of arms. That intelligence and humanity will stop this madness.

We know that health professionals, the midwives will, as they always have, protect and care for the women and families fleeing war. The European Midwives Association will do everything it can to support their colleagues during these difficult times and forward the voices of the midwives involved in this turmoil.

With all our hearts

Agnes Simon,

President of the European Midwives Association

Melania Tudose,

Vice-president of the European Midwives Association

Joeri Vermeulen,

Secretary of the European Midwives Association

Eva Matintupa,

Treasurer of the European Midwives Association

Gergana Nikolova,

Board member of the European Midwives Association

Burçu Yurtsal,